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Crex Realty, Inc. on CD-Rom

The Crex Realty, Inc. web site is now available on CD-rom!
Who requests our CD?

We are beginning to stretch the practical limits of continuing to grow this sight on a web server. It is our goal to bring you as much information about Grantsburg, and North West Wisconsin as possible. However our priorty for the web server is to bring you fast loading information along with top quality pictures of the property listings that we have. As much as we like to bring you information and pictures about our coverage area, we realize that few people have the time, or high speed equipment to download even half of the current information residing at the Crex Realty, Inc. web site.

We will mail to you, or to a friend of yours, a CD-rom with all the information that is on this website, which will feature all of our smaller thumb-nail size pictures linked to their original full size version, in which you can view offline at a speed limited only by your computer and CD-rom drive.

Abosolutely Free!

We only hope that you will share the CD with someone else that might be interested in the information we provide. We will not sell or give your name and address to anyone. (Period!) We don't like junk mail, and we can't stand telemarketers. We would not do that to you. We may want to send you a Christmas card, however.

Simply click the E-mail link below, and send us an E-mail requesting the CD-rom along with your name and address, and we will send one out to you as soon as possible.

We would be happy to send a CD to a friend as well.

  • No follow ups.
  • No obligation.
  • We simply would like to provide you with a fun
    new way to explore North West Wisconsin!

  • System requirements:
    • IBM compatible
      • CPU: 80386 or better.
      • Memory: 4 meg. or more.
      • Operating system: Win 3.1 or higher.
      • CD rom drive.
      • Web Browser installed : Such as 'Netscape' or 'Internet Explorer'

Where has Crex Realty, Inc. been requested from?

Take a look at the places that our Crex Realty, Inc. CD has gone. Below we have provided (in no particular order) links to the MapQuest.com web site which provides a map of the region along with general statistics including: area, population, major cities, industry, agriculture, resources, etc. Please keep in mind that you will be leaving the Crex Realty, Inc. site. Simply use your browser’s ‘back’ button to bounce back to this page.

We encourage you to check out MapQuest. It's a great site! Have fun!!

Thank-you! To everyone who has expressed interest in our website.

Send my free CD!


Thank-you, for visiting!,
Crex Realty, Inc. Web Masters,
Dean & Ramona Moody.