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Welcome to our Helpful Hints Page

Here are some ideas to make that first impression positive


  • Thoroughly clean out the entryway closet. Leave only the coats you are currently wearing. To give the illusion of space, hang longer coats to each end and shorter jackets in the center
  • Entryway is unobstructed
  • If entryway is dark, consider painting walls a pale cream color to bounce some light
  • If you have a table, make sure it is uncluttered or consider a small table
  • Paint woodwork and doors a semi-gloss white enamel. This will give a fresh clean look, and will pick up color tones in your wall paint


  • Clear off counter tops of practically everything. Buyers donít want to see a clutter of small appliances, gadgets, mixing bowls, etc.
  • Clean refrigerator, stove and microwave inside and out
  • Add a box of baking soda in the refrigerator to absorb odors
  • Throw out any expired food or old left-overs
  • Clean vents and exhaust hoods
  • Wipe down surface of cupboards and drawers
  • If cupboards are old, consider giving them a fresh coat of paint, new handles and perhaps some interesting molding on the outside of the doors
  • Cupboard doors close tightly
  • Replace any broken handles
  • Drawers open and shut without sticking
  • Silverware and cooking utensil drawers are organized
  • Kitchen sink is spotless
  • Use grout cleaner around sink and recaulk if necessary
  • Repair/replace chips in countertops
  • Clean any stains on countertop
  • Scrub the cupboard under the kitchen sink
  • Organize cleaning items into either a pail or on a special cleaning rack
  • Repair any leaky faucets or pipes that leak under the sink
  • Wash and wax floor. Remove old wax build-up
  • If linoleum is worn, replace or cover with an area rug
  • Organize Pantry with boxes, cans and jars placed neatly on the shelves

Dining Room

  • Remove and box any unnecessary dishes from your china cabinet
  • Repair and stain any nicks or scratches in the furniture
  • Polish any wooden pieces
  • Polish and shine any brass hardware

Living/Family Room

  • Pull furniture away from the walls and group pieces together in more intimate settings (i.e.: around a coffee table, an area rug, or in front of a fireplace)
  • Keep television dusted and secure any loose wires
  • Clear away and put into boxes any tapes, videos or CDs that cannot be stored out of sight
  • Remove newspapers at the end of the day, and only keep the most current magazines
  • Keep magazines in a magazine rack
  • Immediately clear away any food or beverages as soon as they have been consumed
  • Clean the fireplace. Remove any build-up of ashes or charred bits of wood from the grate
  • Polish fireplace implements


  • Clear personal items from the vanities (shampoo, medicine, cosmetics, hair blowers, etc.)
  • Remove any mildew
  • Recaulk if necessary. Repair grouting if necessary
  • Remove rust stains from toilet, sink, tub and shower
  • Scour the bathtub and shower
  • Wash shower curtain or replace any discolored shower curtain or shower door
  • Clean soap build-up from shower door
  • Shower door is easy to open and shuts tightly
  • Replace any stained, cracked or loose tiles
  • Tighten loose toilet
  • Replace old toilet seat
  • Be sure toilet flushes properly
  • Wash toilet seat cover and bath mats
  • Clean vanity, sink, and polish all faucets
  • Soap and soap dish are clean
  • Repair dripping faucets
  • Area under sink is organized
  • Pipes under the sink are clean and not leaking
  • Linen closet is organized
  • Arrange towels neatly on towel racks
  • Laundry basket is out-of-sight
  • Vacuum / sweep floor


  • Clear personal items from the dressers
  • Sliding closet doors open easily and are not obstructed
  • Organize closets and keep only what is totally necessary. Box and label the rest for moving
  • Keep shoes neatly in closet
  • Use boxes under the bed for hidden storage


  • Clean the furnace, hot water heater and circuit breaker box
  • Change any filters
  • Arrange basement contents so it is easy to walk around
  • Fix any water leakage and repair damage
  • All pipes and connections are in working order
  • Vacuum, sweep and dust basement

General Through-out Home

  • Launder all window coverings
  • Clean all window blinds
  • Professionally clean carpeting if necessary
  • Vacuum the carpet and rugs
  • Sweep and mop all floors
  • Refinish or polish hardwood floors
  • Repair any worn spots on carpeting or replace with area rugs
  • Repair any loose carpeting or slippery areas on the staircase
  • Remove excess furniture to create a feeling of space
  • Eliminate all damp or musty odors from entire home
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors - cooking, pets, cigarette smoke, damp, must
  • Clean and deodorize ALL pet areas
  • All rooms of the home and garage are brightly lit
  • All stairway handrails are secure
  • Staircase is free of clutter
  • Get rid of any unhealthy plants
  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Clean ceiling fans and make sure they are operational
  • Dust the furniture, windows and lights
  • Closet doors open and close properly
  • Upstairs landing is well lit and free of clutter
  • Clean all dirt and scuff marks from walls and doors
  • All doors and walls are free of fingerprints
  • Repair any chipped plaster
  • Repair any house foundation cracks
  • Replace any cracked or broken window glass
  • Clean all windows, including those in the garage
  • Check window screens. Replace any that are bent or bulging
  • Storm windows are available and clean
  • Repair and/or replace caulking and weather-stripping around windows and doors
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Repair any wood rot
  • Exterior & interior doors lock properly. Easy to open and shut
  • Oil any squeaky door hinges
  • Doorbells are working properly
  • Polish any brass door handles
  • Repair any squeaky floorboards
  • Repair any cracks in floorboards or floor tiles
  • Replace loose floorboards or floor tiles
  • Repair any woodwork (door frames, baseboards, chair rails, etc.) if chipped or broke
  • Give woodwork a fresh coat of paint, if necessary
  • All electrical outlets are functioning properly
  • All electrical switches are working
  • All electrical wall switches have plate covers


  • Cut the grass
  • Dispose of any pet debris
  • Clear away any debris from the front yard to the front door
  • Clear bikes and toys from the driveway
  • Remove weeds and grass growing in walkway
  • Trim back shrubs protruding into the walkway
  • Weed the flower beds and add a layer of mulch
  • Prune dead branches and pull back anything creeping across the house
  • Wash down vinyl siding, if necessary
  • If house is wood, scrape and paint, if required
  • Clean out the eaves trough
  • Repair or replace eaves trough and downspouts
  • Repair any parts of the roof which could be leaking
  • Replace any missing or loose roof shingles & flashing
  • Repair any house foundation cracks
  • Clean all windows, including those in the garage
  • Replace any cracked or broken window glass
  • Repair any wood rot
  • Replace any bent or bulging window screens
  • Repair and/or replace caulking and weather-stripping around windows and doors
  • Clean storm windows
  • Exterior doors lock properly. Easy to open and shut
  • Doorbells are working properly
  • Tighten any wobbly porch or deck railings
  • Secure any loose porch or deck floor boards
  • Property is free of clutter, particularly scattered toys


  • Have a garage sale if necessary
  • Clean the trash cans to eliminate any unpleasant smell
  • Clean any oil and rust stains from the floor
  • Clean the windows
  • Replace any cracked or broken window glass
  • Get rid of cobwebs
  • The garage door is easy to maneuver up and down
  • Recycle old magazines and newspapers
  • Hang tools on peg board
  • Hang rakes, shovels, brooms, hoes, etc. from hooks
  • Clean off the work bench
  • Put up shelving for paint cans, containers of nails and screws, bags of fertilizer, winter tires, etc.
  • Organize gardening equipment
  • Sweep the floor

These are some of the ideas from Ď450 Ideas To Help Your Home Sell Fasterí Book. Published by Wendy Jones (copywrite 2001)
If you would like more helpful hints, To do lists and Finishing Touches from this book please let us know.

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