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Memory lake park
Grantsburg, Wisconsin

Memory Lake Park in Lights, December, 2003.

Memory park camping grounds.
Question: Where can you camp out by a lake next to a flowing river,... Downtown?

Answer: Memory lake park in downtown Grantsburg, Wisconsin!

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Snowman in lights Water cross snowmobile Santa in lights
Home of the (World Championship Snowmobile Watercross!)

Memory on the Map!

Memory lake park is the perfect camping area for couples or families.
It has a spacious campground with electrical and R.V. hookups, also
a well maintained restroom building complete with showers.

This beautiful camp ground is located within just a few blocks of a
laundermat, post office, drug store, several churches, Grocery store,
hardware store, Ben Franklin, video rental, gas station/liquor store,
several restaurants, hotel, hospital, and more!
Located approximately one block west of Main Street Grantsburg.

Two decorated trees Fire Engine with Santa Fire Engine with Santa
Trees at Park entrance Happy Holidays!
from Burnett Dairy
Santa gave up the sleigh for a Fire Engine!

Who better to call if you have a chimney fire?

Memory lake park is only a few blocks from the Grantsburg Golf Course. Also
only a few miles from the Crex Meadows wildlife refuge,
and Governer Knowles National forest which boasts picnic areas, and miles
of ski and hiking trails along the scenic St. Croix river.
When you get tired of hiking you can always go to (Wild River Outfitters)
to rent a canoe or kayak and paddle your way through the wilderness.

Burnett Agricultural Fair Grantsburg Firt Responders Grantsburg Firt Responders
Brought to you by,
Burnett County Agriculture Society
Grantsburg 1st Responders Getting a little help placing that tree topper up there. I hope he doesn't fall off those buckets, or he might need a first responder.

Grantsburg Hockey Tree with presents Watch out for the deer
Seasons Greetings!
Grantsburg Hockey
Even though Santa joined the Fire Dept. he still has time to put a few presents under the tree! Deer are so common in Grantsburg, these might actually be real deer that got tangled up in lights...

4H Christmas Display
Merry Christmas
Grantsburg 4H

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